Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Break Packet

Hey Folks,
I've attached the winter break packet on this post. Download it below if you need it.

One correction, on the momentum packet:
  1. For problem 1: mass of both balls is 10 grams
  2. For problem 2: mass of yellow ball is 15 grams and mass of blue ball is 15 grams.
  3. For problem 3: mass of yellow ball is 15 grams and the blue ball is 10 grams.
You need that info to work out the problems.

For the reading part, don't worry about the "One Step Calculation" questions as I forgot to give you the questions for them!

So, all in all you need to finish:
  1. Momentum handout (attached right here for you to download. Open this with Word or some other text editing document) Momentum_Collision_Problems.doc
  2. Mass and weight reading and questions.
  3. Read section on Mechanical, Potential, and Kinetic Energy. Questions given to you upon return.
Good luck!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey Rodrigo ,
This Breanna R , im tring to download the Momentum Problems but there is an error every time i click on the link. I dont know whats wrong with it but a whole bunch of crazy text keep popping up. Take a look at it and if you can you can just email me the problems @ breannarichie@walla.com .
Thanx alot ! see you monday .

January 3, 2010 at 11:59 AM  
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